Regular full-time employees are eligible for up to three days paid time off in the event of a death in their immediate family.  Immediate family is defined as a spouse, child, parent, step-parent, sibling, grandparent/child, whether by blood or marriage, or a relative who is a permanent member of the employee’s established household. It is up to the manager’s discretion to determine the amount of paid and unpaid time off.

Up to one paid day may be granted upon request for the death of a relative outside the immediate family. Non-immediate family is defined as aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, and cousin.

If additional time is needed, Paid Time Off may be used, upon manager approval.


The Company recognizes an employee’s civic obligation to serve on a jury. Full-time employees who serve will receive base pay for jury duty or other Company-related court responsibilities, not to exceed ten days.  Employees receiving a summons should provide the documentation to their manager so necessary time off can be arranged.

Employees with court responsibilities of a personal nature may use PTO.


nbkc proudly supports your right and responsibility to vote.  Employees will be allowed up to 3 hours of paid time off on election days.  Additional time needed will be allowed with supervisor approval.  Any time off required above 3 hours will be paid using PTO.  If an employee does not have additional PTO, the additional time off will be unpaid.

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