nbkc bank offers dental benefits through Delta Dental. The chart below provides a high-level look at the amounts you pay when visiting in-network providers. Please refer to full plan descriptions for greater detail.

Type of ServiceIn-Network
(Waived for Preventive)
$50 individual /
$150 family
Diagnostic & Preventive Services
* Oral Exams/Cleanings
* Sealants
* Fluoride Treatment
* X-Rays
Basic Services
* Fillings, Including Composites
* Extractions
* Perio and Endodontics
Major Services
* Bridges
* Crowns
* Dentures
* Adult & Children
Maximum Benefits
* Annual Calendar Year
* Lifetime Orthodontia Maximum

Monthly Employee Cost
    Employee Only
    Employee + Spouse
    Employee + Child(ren)

Payment for orthodontia is not included in the $1,500 annual maximum. It is subject to a separate $1,500 lifetime orthodontia maximum.

Progressive Annual Maximum

The plan has an annual maximum of $1,500 in benefit payment for any one person in any calendar year. The Progress Annual Maximum Feature allows you to automatically increase your annual maximum every year! If you are seen for your preventive exams, the next year you will receive an additional $250 more in your annual max.

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