Choosing the right medical plan is like choosing the right car. When buying a car, you take into consideration the cost of the car along with related expenses such as insurance and gas.

Apply the same logic to making the right medical plan decision. First consider the premium. Then think about expenses the plan does not cover such as deductibles and coinsurance.

You may choose between these four Blue Cross Blue Shield plans.


This plan offers lots of flexibility if you are looking for more doctor, hospital and healthcare choices. While this plan provides out-of-network coverage, seeing in-network providers will save you money. This plan has a $750 individual/$1,500 family deductible with a maximum out of pocket of $3,000 individual/$6,000 family. Keep in mind, this plan does not qualify for an HSA.

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This plan can be an affordable health insurance option if you are looking to pay a lower  monthly premium than the PPO plan. As the name suggests, the deductible is higher than a traditional healthcare plan, but once you reach your annual deductible, you are 100% covered for the rest of the calendar year. Choosing this plan allows you to open a Health Savings Account (HSA) so you can set money aside and draw from the account when you need it to pay for qualified expenses.

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Once you reach your annual deductible, your qualified healthcare expenses are covered at 90% until you reach your out of pocket maximum. Those who take full advantage of a Health Savings Account (HSA) find the low monthly premium to be an incentive to choosing this plan. While there are annual contribution limits, HSAs allow you to roll over your balance from year to year. And your contributions to an HSA are pre-tax, which is a big advantage.

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This is a specially designed plan to provide savings and easy access to quality healthcare in and around the Kansas City metro area. Choosing this plan could pocket you some big savings. BlueSelect Plus offers affordability by using what’s called a “narrow network” of 3,600 providers and ten hospitals.

Blue KC Members who select the BlueSelect Plus network, also have access to SPIRA CARE, an integrated primary care center, meant to simplify the healthcare experience, making it more personal and affordable.

With SPIRA CARE, you have access to convenient Care Centers located across the metro area, the expertise of our Care Guides to help you on your health journey, and all of the benefits of the BlueSelect Plus network.

This plan also gives you the option to open an HSA account to use for qualified out-of-pocket expenses.

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Need help deciding which plan is right for you?  Try ALEX!  nbkc bank is happy to provide you access to ALEX, an easy to use online tool, to help you with the benefit plan decision process.  Before you make your enrollment decisions, be sure to spend a few minutes with ALEX to find the best-fit benefit plan for you and your family.

    • Alex will ask you a few questions about your health care needs (your answers remain anonymous, of course) crunch some numbers, and recommend a plan that’s best for your personal needs. It’s that easy!
    • ALEX is available online, so you can use the tool with your spouse and family members from any computer at any time

ALEX does not create, receive, maintain, transmit, collect, or store any identifiable end-user information. Whatever you share with ALEX remains completely private.