nbkc bank offers vision benefits through Aetna. The chart below provides a high-level look at the amounts you pay when visiting in-network providers. Please refer to full plan descriptions for greater detail. Reminder, you won’t receive a vision insurance card. When arriving at your appointment be prepared with the group number (41723 ) and your social security number.

Type Of ServiceIn-NetworkOut-Of-Network
Diagnostic & Preventive
Every 12 monthsEvery 12 months
    Lenses or Contact Lenses
Every 12 monthsEvery 12 months
Every 24 monthsEvery 24 months
    Routine Eye Exam
$10 copay$55 reimbursement
    Standard Contact Lens Fitting
$40 feeNot covered
    Premium Contact Lens Fitting
90% of retail costNot covered
Standard Plastic Lenses
    Single Vision
$25 copay$10 reimbursement
$25 copay$25 reimbursement
$25 copay$55 reimbursement
    Standard Progressive
$90 copay$25 reimbursement
Frames$130 allowance
20% off amount over
$65 reimbursement
Contact Lenses (in lieu of glasses)
$130 allowance$90 reimbursement
    Medically Necessary
$0 copay$200 reimbursement
Additional Lens Options
    UV treatment, Tint, Scratch
    coating, Anti- reflective
    coating, Polycarbonate
Fee varies from
Not covered

Monthly Employee Cost
    Employee Only
    Employee + Spouse
    Employee + Child(ren)

Additional Discounts

nbkc bank members can also take advantage of the following additional in-network discounts under the Aetna Vision plan:

    • Up to 40% discount off of additional pairs of eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses after the plan allowances have been exhausted.
    • Up to 20% discount off of non-covered items such as cleaning cloths and contact lens solution.
    • 15% off retail price or 5% off promotional price for LASIK or PRK from the US Laser Network. For a location near you and discount authorization, call 800-422-6600.
    • Discounted fee of $39 for retinal imaging.
      Discounts on replacement contact lenses by visiting www.aetnavision.com and ordering online.

Contact Information


Contact Information