Ever ask yourself “How do I do THAT?” when it comes to managing your team. Ask no further. These are the goods you need for how to lead great.

Performance Docs

Evaluation forms, PIP template and more found here

Below, you’ll find evaluation forms, PIP templates and other stuff to help you manage and maintain an nbkc-worthy team.

ADP is your one stop shop for all things Benefits, Perks, and Pay. If you’re looking to submit a PTO request- this is the right spot.

I’m Ready To Hire

The home for Hiring Guides, Recruitment Flow Chart, etc.

Get your team on board and up to speed. This is the home for Hiring Guides, Recruitment Flow Chart and more


Ready to hire? Start here! 

Everything you need to know about our interview process, and how to find the next nbkc’er 

Utilize ADP to review applicants for your open position 

Status Changes

Report promotions, terminations, position changes

Got employee promotions, terminations or position changes that need to be reported? Follow the link below.

For any employee status change questions or requests please reach out to our HR team at human.resources@nbkc.com