Time off that changes everything.

When you stick around nbkc for awhile (which a lot of people do), it pays off big time. Whether it’s extra money to tuck away for retirement or a full-blown, 4-week paid sabbatical to travel to the world, here are all the details of our anniversary awards.

“When anyone hears about our sabbatical program they comment on how special a place to work nbkc bank must be.  They’re spot on.” 

– Brad Gaebler –


Anniversary Awards are granted after 3 and 5-year anniversaries.   Once you’ve reached these milestones, HR will reach out to you to help you choose your award. Sabbaticals are granted after specific milestone anniversaries at nbkc. And as much as we’d like to just give them to everyone all the time, we had to put some rules in place. You will need to fill out the application and answer a few questions before you head out on your journey. Take a look at the information on the right to see you if are eligible and what’s required for your leave. Good to go? Click “Apply Now” and get ready to get sabbatical-ing.

3 Years

After 3 years of continuous employment—$500 contribution to your HSA, 529, student loan refinancing or 401(k) accounts.

5 Years

After 5 years of continuous employment$1,000 contribution to your HSA, 529, student loan refinancing, 401(k) accounts, travel voucher, or one extra week of PTO. 

***HR will contact all eligible employees at the first of the anniversary quarter regarding their selection. 

Regular full-time and commissioned NBKC employees working 40 hours a week will be eligible to take advantage of the bank’s sabbatical program as follows: 

10 years of continuous employment—4 week sabbatical 

18 years of continuous employment or 8 years after 10th year sabbatical is taken—4 week sabbatical

25 years of continuous employment or 7 years after 18th year sabbatical is taken—4 week sabbatical

Every 5 years after the 25th year sabbatical or 5 years after each sabbatical is taken—4 week sabbatical 

In order to be considered, the employee must complete a short application consisting of 4 questions:

  1. A description of where you’d go and what you’d do. 
  2. How long you’d be gone (must be between 2 weeks and 4 weeks). 
  3. What you hope to gain from the experience. 
  4. What impact your sabbatical might have on your department and solutions for any significant issues of your absence. 

As stated above, the purpose of the sabbatical is to completely remove yourself from your work duties and do something out of the ordinary. Your email and other work related communication tools will www.nbkc.com be suspended during your absence. Upon your return, we will ask you to share your experience as inspiration for future participants. 

  • Full-time employees will be paid Sabbatical pay based on their regularly scheduled 40 hours/ week.
  • Loan Originators will be paid a weekly rate based on their 2 year commission average which is calculated annually in January of each year. 
  • After your 10 year requirement is met, you can apply for your sabbatical at any time after that. Sabbatical terms cannot be combined (i.e. use two sabbatical periods (10 year and 18 year) after 18 years. 


Sabbaticals are much different than normal paid time off, long weekends, and typical family vacation. A sabbatical is truly meant to fully unplug from your work life and embark on something you have always dreamed about or were waiting for retirement to be able to do.

  • I have an opportunity to help some of the abandoned children who live in the streets and sewer systems of Ukraine
  • I plan to work with a team who is renovating a building in Kiev to serve as a shelter
  • I have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to help save an endangered species from extinction through volunteer work as a guide and clerk at The China Giant Panda Conservation Project 
  • I have an opportunity to help underprivileged families in Guatemala. I plan to work with a community outreach team in health care and feeding programs
  • I have an opportunity to join a community development project in northern Thailand to include repairing houses for elderly villagers.
  • I have an opportunity to attend Spanish language school in Costa Rica while exploring the culture of the country
  • I have an opportunity to attend culinary classes in France and realize my lifelong dream of becoming a talented cook. Sabbatical Program 2 of 4
  • I have an opportunity to teach English classes in Latin America which will recharge my creative thinking and renew my energy, bringing a fresh level of productivity to my role in my department. 
  • Master the tango in Argentina
  • Volunteer on an organic farm in New Zealand
  • Work on an archeological dig in Transylvania
  • Become a master chef at the Culinary Institute of America
  • Go on safari in Africa
  • Help rebuild trails in the great national parks Other Suggestions
  • Research and plan your trip (there are thousands of ideas and stories online)
  • Take your spouse, a friend, or your family if you can
  • Travel light
  • Get in shape for your trip
  • Escape your hates
  • Balance structure with spontaneity
  • Record your sabbatical (photos, daily journal)
  • Celebrate the moment and your journey Your sabbatical should be unique to you and contain an aspect of self-discovery. Some have described it as immersing yourself in something you’d never do at home and to go right up to the edge of your comfort zone and try something that might even sound a little scary. 
  • The Bank reserves the right to suspend, cancel or amend this policy at any time. The Bank also reserves the right to cancel or suspend the sabbatical program at any time if the employee’s schedule does not allow the department to operate effectively and efficiently; if changes in circumstances necessitate the need; or if an employee experiences performance problems deemed to be related to the program. Such circumstances will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In the event of termination or resignation, no payment will be made for any unused leave to which an employee may be due if eligible.